Monday, June 3, 2013

We're back.

Hello Metier Fans!
Since Metier closed, we've been filling our days as stylists, consultants, editors and supermoms, all the while, brainstorming our next great adventure. We've thoroughly missed our day-to-day at Metier, the beautiful garments and jewels within and, most importantly––you, our clients.

Many cappuccinos, a few late nights at Bar Jules, and 101 text messages later, we reached an exciting decision to re-launch Metier as a jewelry site and begin a series of pop-ups and trunk shows. Jewelry has always been an essential part of Metier. You've seen us draped in chains, charms, stacks of rings and endless bracelets. We love the history of Estate Jewelry, the craft of modern day and the thrill of the hunt for each exquisite bauble. Jewelry symbolizes commitment, friendship and memories. That said, we feel passionate about growing this part of the business.

We're launching with a fresh collection of antiques while contemporary pieces will soon follow. Coveting something on the site or the blog? Simply e-mail or call us to set up an appointment to view it in person.

We're hosting our first pop-up shop in Hayes Valley, June 28th and 29th. Please save the dates and look out for more details to come. Also in the works, designer collaborations and a dreamy "Shop our Clients' Closets Sale" coming this Fall!

We're thrilled to continue working with you in your search to acquire unique pieces for your personal collections. We can't wait to see you all soon!

Love, Sheri and Trina

Rings from left to right.
Conroy & Wilcox 18k diamond Calder ring, $700 and sapphire ring, $1356. Antique diamond cluster ring $3370 and Conroy & Wilcox 18k diamond ring $2800 (sold). Antique 18k three diamond band (sold). Antique French enamel ring $840. Antique plumed agate & diamond ring $1400 (sold). Antique diamond cluster ring $1100. Antique pave turquoise ring $650 (sold), antique engraved band $402. Antique three diamond band ring $650.

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  1. So glad you guys are back...been waiting for this :-)