Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Now Mood

Variance Objects Lapis Earrings, Gillian Conroy 14k and Bone Drops, Gillian Conroy Silver and Gold Thorn Drops, Gillian Conroy Emerald Earrings, Gillian Conroy Long Drops,  Rebecca Overmann Gold Studded Black Drops, Gillian Conroy 18k Thorn & Rose Cut Grey Diamond Earrings, Found Landscape Painting as Backdrop
Ryan Roche Alabaster Top Hat, Victorian Calibre Turquoise and Rosecut Diamond Arrow Pin 
(Index Finger) Deco Zircon and White Gold Ring, Victorian 14k Rose Gold and Triple Opal Ring, Late Georgian 14k Flat Cut Diamond Ring, B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Champagne Diamond Ring,  (Middle Finger) 1920's Rose Gold Set With Rosecut Diamonds, 18k Victorian Opal and Diamond Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Diamond Band, B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Turquoise and White Diamond Ring, (Ring Finger) Victorian Rose Gold Prasiolite Ring, Rebecca Overmann Tourmaline Ring, Gillian Conroy White Diamond Pear Shape Ring, Victorian 12k Opal, Sapphire & Rose Cut Diamond Ring (Pinky Finger) Victorian 18k Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Boulder Opal Ring, Victorian Gold and Opal Baby Ring.
Heather Day Paintings coming soon to Metier!
Gillian Conroy 18k Gold and Emerald Rings

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