Thursday, April 17, 2014

Night and Day

Victorian European Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, Victorian 18k & Silver Three Diamond Ring, Conroy & Wilcox 18k Diamond Band,  Large 1920's Diamond Cluster Ring, Conroy & Wilcox Pear Shaped Black Diamond Ring, Antique Platinum and Diamond Baguette Ring, Victorian 18k Gypsy Set Diamond Band

Conroy & Wilcox Large Diamond Crescent Necklace 14kt, Victorian Silver & Rose Gold Niello Chain,  Philip Crangi Steel and Gold Heart Lock, Edwardian Sterling Silver Crest Pendant, Antique 14kt Gold Heart Charm, Conroy & Wilcox Diamond Crescent Necklace 18k, Vintage 14kt Italian Chain,  Philip Crangi Steel and Gold Crest Charm, Philip Crangi Studded Letter Charm, Philip Crangi Steel and Gold Sawtooth Heart Charm
Victorian Sterling Buckle Bracelet, Philip Crangi Gold and Steel Diamond Cuff, Victorian Silver and Rose Gold Bangle
Antique Silver Star Pendant, Victorian Silver Locket,  Conroy & Wilcox 18k Baroque Pearl Necklace, Golden Pony Workshop Tassel, Victorian Gold Filled Box Link Chain, Arts & Crafts Diamond Sunburst Pendant/Pin, Natural Zircon and Rose Cut Diamond Pendant, Edwardian Sterling Silver Crest Pendant