Friday, September 16, 2016

Brimfield Travel Diary

We just returned from our annual road trip to the infamous Brimfield Antique Flea Market. This year we stayed at the lovely Old Sturbridge Inn, with hand-painted landscape walls by Rufus Porter (1830's) and a huge canopy bed. We lined up early and dashed in to see all our most favored dealers, searching for lover's eyes, intaglios, silvery old diamonds, portrait nudes and objets d'art amongst the endless rows of treasures and trinkets.

Fueled by fresh lime rickeys, Faddy's apple cider donuts & Italian sausages, we combed the fields and came back with pockets full of prized finds. Here's our travel snaps and a peek at our favorites. Stop by the shop to see all the new beauties in person!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Objects of Desire

Art Nouveau 18k Hand-painted Enameled Pendant with Lady's Profile & Tiny Diamond Details
Finely painted enamel highlights - this beauty's wavy hair, creamy blush and - quite risqué for the time period - bare décolletage . Her hair is accented with a diamond moon and crown, and she is wearing a diamond necklace - a fantastic feature of jewelry wearing jewelry. A velvety black background strikes romantic contrast. This is one of the loveliest pendants we have had in the shop and a true collector's piece.

Stunning, hand oxidized gold vermeil chain is woven to form fluid draped drops. 
Platinum, White Gold and Diamond Rings, Old & New
Gabriella Kiss "? !"Engraved Smoky Topaz Earrings (in-store) and available online with a bow and arrow motif.

Georgian Beauties
Spectacular French "Bague au Firmament “ or "ring of heaven". Celestial allusion jewelry was very au courant in France in the late 1700's. Popularized by the lovely Marie Antoinette who frequently wore a "Bague au Firmament" ring and was one of the most followed trend setters of the day. The dark blue vitreous enamel with diamond “stars" evokes the night sky. The navette or marquis shape of the ring is highlighted by a zig zag border of etched rose gold and is protected by a gently curved rock crystal face with a frame of mine cut diamonds.
Striking French Grissaile Portrait Ring. The portrait features a simple blue and white enamel border and is set behind a smooth rock crystal lens. She has blues eyes and a subtle blush to the lips and cheek. We adore the slightly austere look of the grey tones painting and elegant profile of this mysterious lady. c. 1780”s.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Bright Side

We’re welcoming summer sunshine with good vibes and vibrant jewels. Think bold turquoise, pearlescent opals, gleaming diamonds, and statement gems aplenty. Chain, rope, and buckle details are catching our attention too. As always, layering speaks volumes, be it a triple bracelet pile-up or thoughtfully stacked rings decorating every finger on the hand. There’s beauty to be found in bold and delicate touches alike. Read on for some visual inspiration from our latest shoot. 

Hand (left to right): Gabriella Kiss Eye with Tear Ring, Gabriella Kiss Spessartite Garnet Ring, B.C.E. Varascite and Diamond Ring, Gabriella Kiss Moonstone Ring, Antique Diamond Cluster Ring, Antique Belcher Set Diamond Ring
Wrist (left to right): Antique Rope Bangle, Antique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Buckle Bangle
Clutch: Shawn Burke Suede Clutch

Wrist (left to right): Antique Buckle BangleAntique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Rope Bangle

Hand (left to right): Antique Diamond Snake Ring, Gabriella Kiss Inscribed Band Ring, Antique Triple Garnet and Diamond Ring (sold), Antique Coral Ring (sold)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Love Story

Metier is all about commitment. We love helping couples find jewelry that symbolizes their relationships and relates to who they are. We understand that, more often than not, several rings need to be tried on before the right one(s) calls out. Thankfully, the lines of tradition have been blurred leaving modern day ring-seekers with a bevy of choices. From contemporary rings with opulently colored stones to detailed antiques with a sense of history, the only rule we encourage is to search for jewelry that truly speaks to you. Whatever the case, we’re always excited to lend our time and expertise. Read on for some of our current knot tie-ing favorites for the commitment bound.

Rebecca Overmann Bangles and 14k Long Leaf Earrings
Throughout history, a ring as a never-ending circle, symbolized eternity and the everlasting love between a two people. The open space inside the circle was considered to be a gateway or a door; leading to things and events, known and unknown, that as a couple you would experience together. Rings were made from noble metals—gold, silver, platinum—to symbolize the steadfastness of the relationship. To give a ring signified deep love and a union of the hearts. 

Rebecca Overmann 14k Gold Rings: White Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, Tapered Peach Diamond Band, Grey Cushion Cut Diamond Ring,  Champagne Diamond Pear Rosecut Ring, Red Rosecut Pear Shape Diamond Ring
Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Oval White Diamond Ring .50ct, Rebecca Overmann 14k Diamond V Band, Rebecca Overmann Twisted Gold Band
Victorian 10k Puffy Pearl Heart Pendant on fine gold chain
(left) Men's Bands: Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Narrow Rounded Band, Gabriella Kiss 18k Men's Band Inscribed with "Omnia Vincit Amor" which also comes in smaller sizes here, Rebecca Overmann Men's Knife Edge 14k Band Ring, Antique 14k Men's 1930's Classic Wedding Band, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Men's Hammered Band.
(right) Victorian 14k Diamond Cluster Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k I Am Love Eternity Diamond Band
Antique Georgian Revival Platinum and Diamond Earrings
(index finger) Gillian Conroy 18k White Diamond Tapered Band, (ring finger) Gillian Conroy 18k Flat Narrow Band, Gillian Conroy 18k I Am Love Eternity Diamond Band, Rebecca Overmann 14k Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, (middle finger) Early Victorian 9k Pearl Half Hoop Ring, (at right) Rebecca Overmann 14k Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, Rebecca Overmann 14k Diamond V Band
Antique Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Dinner Ring, Art Deco Target Ring (sold), Various Antique Eternity Bands
 Antique Platinum and Rose Gold Watch Chain with Swivel, Georgian Diamond Pendant /Pin, Rebecca Overmann Men's White Gold Stream Band Ring, Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Flat Edged Wedding Band, Rebecca Overmann Men's White Gold Hammered Band, Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Rounded White Gold Wedding Band

Photography: Rebecca Goldschmidt,  Kara Brodgesell Model: Frances Tomei Hair & Makeup: Shawn Burke

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Celebrate Your Mama!

Every day we hold our mothers close. For some of us, it's through weekly FaceTimes, for others it’s Sunday squeezes or lunch date meet-ups.  May is a time to honor the bonds, the relationships, the endless advice–the love.
Make mama happy with some spring blooms and something shiny, too. Perhaps a Victorian era keepsake or pair of modern studs. Get inspired by the new arrivals below and shop online here.
Celebrate the women who make you you.
B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Kingman Turquoise Oval Necklace, Victorian Turquoise & Pearl Diamond Shaped Pendant with tiny locket back, Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Heart with locket back on 18k Fine Curb Link Chain, Victorian 15k Diamond Heart Locket on 14k Cable Chain , B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Kingman Turquoise Triangle Necklace, Antique French Cherub Charm and Victorian 10k Puffy Pearl Heart Pin Pendant on Mid-Century 14k Toggle Chain.
Antique 14k and Black Enamel Book Locket and interior pages.
Fully opened view of the 14k Victorian Black Enamel Book Locket with antique photos (removeable).

Gabriella Kiss 18k Gold and Gemstone Lens Pendant Necklaces, left to right, Moss Aquamarine Lens, Rock Crystal Lens, and Ceylon Moonstone Pendant.  Gabriella Kiss Silver Hand EarringsGabriella Kiss Silver Hazelnut Necklace,  Gabriella Kiss Silver Sleepy Birds Earrings.
Early Victorian Gold and Black Enamel Memorial Locket on 14k Cable Chain,  Victorian 14k Black Enamel Oval Etched Locket on Victorian 9k Snake Link Chain, Victorian 9k Carved Rock Crystal Heart Locket on Rebecca Overmann 14k Rosecut Charcoal Diamond Necklace, Victorian 14k Black Enamel Book Locket and Black Enamel Greek Key Book Locket on Victorian 9k Chain with Lever Hook. 
Gabriella Kiss 18k Small Oval Opal RingGabriella Kiss 18k Eye Love Toke Ring Inscribed with "Invigilare" or to watch over in Latin. Gabriella Kiss 18k Faceted Oval Ruby Ring, Victorian 9k Gold Mizpah Ring. Mizpah literally means "watchtower" and was given as a sentimental token of love symbolizing the emotional bond between two people when they're apart.

Photos: Shannon Sinclair

Thursday, April 21, 2016

spring feels

This spring we're feeling a little moody, a little bold, more mysterious overall. Pearlescent moonstones, splashes of bright yellow gold, sienna-hued diamonds and lush emeralds share the field. The days are getting longer, leaving us with a few more sun-filled hours of daylight—we couldn't be happier. Read on for some of our most coveted pieces, layered up, shadows and all.
Marla Aaron Mega Curb Link Bracelet and Regular Lock. Info on rings below.
(left): Index & pinky rings: Kathleen Whitaker. Ring finger: Gillian Conroy 18k Gold Bands -in shop. Middle: Gillian Conroy 18k Black Diamond Ring-in shop,  Gabriella Kiss Moonstone Ring, Antique Knot Ring-in shop. (right) Antique Arts & Crafts Silver bangle bracelet.
Ring finger: Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye Ring, Variance Objects Aquamarine Ring-in shop. Middle: Antique 22k Gold Band-in shop. Index: Antique Moss Agate Ring-in shop. Gillian Conroy 18k Oval Emerald Ring.
Hat: Ryan Roche. Ceramics: Adrianne George-in shop.  Framed photo: Paul Tsang-in shop. 
On right arm: Antique Buckle Bracelet. Index: B.C.E. Australian Opal & Diamond Ring. Middle: B.C.E. Boulder Opal Ring-in shop, Rebecca Overmann 14k Red Rosecut Diamond Ring. Antique Snake Ring-in shop. Ring finger: Antique Victorian Pink Sapphire Band-in shop, Antique Single Set Diamond Ring-in shop. Pinky: Gabriella Kiss Mauve Emerald-Cut Ring. On left arm: Antique Rolled Stripe Bangle-in shop, Victorian Gutta Percha Cuff-in shop, Retro Link Bracelet-in shop. Pinky: Kathleen Whitaker Ring. Ring finger: Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye Ring, Antique Turquoise Dome Ring. Middle: Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Garnet Ring. Index: Rebecca Overmann Diamond Pave Band. Antique Diamond Buckle Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Black Diamond Ring-in shop.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Q&A with Marla Aaron

One of the best things about owning a jewelry shop is learning more about the designers whose work fills our velvet-lined cases. We starting carrying Marla Aaron's eponymous line in December after getting a glimpse of one of her badass locks on a customer—we fell for her even more on Instagram. What began with the now classic carabiner lock has evolved into the versatile collection it is today. Inspired by tools and industrial landscapes, the carabiner remains the central component of the line. Below Marla shares everything from her preferred footwear to a transformative beauty on for more!

Oh she glows...
Can you tell us a little about how you started your jewelry-making career? Did you have a concrete "aha" moment?

I had a very specific idea about a collection of jewelry, but I also had a job that had absolutely nothing to do with jewelry and children and a life that definitely did not support the concept of me "finding myself". It was pure fantasy. I would sit at home at night and teach myself how to solder. I was constantly reading and studying. My lunch hours were spent on 47th street, talking to people and trying to find my way. I knew I had a collection that I could bring to life, but I was too scared to do it. I was dreaming, plotting and thinking about it constantly.

And then, with my job I had a terrible business trip to France—I will not go into details, but suffice it to say, I had an accident on the trip and was seriously injured. I literally decided while I was there that when I got home I was going to talk to my husband, quit my job and launch my company. On the plane ride home, I wrote a Powerpoint presentation (cause that's the stuff I use to do) for my husband explaining why I had to do it right that very minute. He agreed to it and here we are four years later. I would say that the collection today is precisely what I thought it would be. What I would never have imagined is how women have taken what I have made and made it 'their own' in totally surprising ways.

Marla Aaron 18" Heavy Sterling Silver Curb Chain Necklace, Marla Aaron Medium Lock in 14k Yellow Gold, Antique Egyptian Revival 14k Enamel and Diamond Locket,  Marla Aaron 14k Medium Curb Link Chain 18"Marla Aaron Sterling Silver Heart Lock, Antique Victorian 15k Gold Enamel & Diamond Horseshoe Locket,  Antique Sterling Silver Padlock Charm, Marla Aaron 16" Sterling Silver Medium Curb Chain, Marla Aaron Sterling Silver Baby Lock, Antique Victorian Niello Zebra Striped Locket, Antique Victorian 14k Gold Bloomed Oval Locket with Cushion Cut Diamond
We'd love to hear your two cents when it comes to mixing metals in terms of wearing & styling jewelry. Any thoughts?

The more variety the better. I have no interest in matching…anything. I wear what I love. I would not wear any jewelry I didn't love.

16" Sterling Silver Medium Curb Chain, 14k Yellow Gold Baby Lock, 14k Medium Curb Link Chain 18", Medium Lock in 14k Yellow Gold, 18" Heavy Sterling Silver Curb Chain Necklace, Sterling Silver Heart Lock (All Marla Aaron)
How would you describe your personal style in a sentence or two? 

Wild gypsy caravan served up with fine china on white tablecloths and high heels. In my day-to-day, this translates into a key silhouette that revolves around the right proportion which I can only describe as wide, long and voluminous. I mostly wear Stylenanda so I can splurge on key pieces by Dries Van Noten and Gary Graham. And I am either wearing clogs or stilettos—I really don't have an in-between on that.

Various Marla Aaron Locks available  in-shop and online
Do you have any jewelry designers you particularly admire or are inspired by?

Hemmerle, Suzanne Belperron, Paul Flato. Most inspiring of all are the women who surprise me with the way they wear my jewelry, which feeds me with endless ideas and ways to iterate and improve [my line].

16" Sterling Silver Medium Curb Chain, 14k Yellow Gold Baby Lock, 14k Medium Curb Link Chain 18", Medium Lock in 14k Yellow Gold, 18" Heavy Sterling Silver Curb Chain Necklace, Sterling Silver Heart Lock (All Marla Aaron)
How do you unwind? Any chill-out rituals you swear by?

Bikram Yoga, Tequila and Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant. By wearing the later I can be certain that no one will disturb me…check it out you'll see why.

Mega Curb Sterling Silver Bracelet Finished in Yellow GoldSterling Silver Heart LockSterling Silver and Yellow Gold Regular Lock (All Marla Aaron) 
Thank you, Marla!

Please note, some of the pieces pictured above are not yet available online. Call 415-590-2998 or email for more info.