Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just In: Gabriella Kiss

Gabriella Kiss's jewelry, inspired by flora, fauna and nature's life cycles, is infused with personal meanings beyond just adornment. The pieces - many of them singular treasures - are thoughtfully rendered in 18k gold, fine silver, blackened bronze and distinctive gemstones. This poetic and alluring jewelry, with its nod toward the scientific world, captivates the wearer with transcendent narratives of beauty, sentiment and the human condition. 

Gabriella Kiss 18k gold and diamond rings. White rosecut diamond ring, 1.11ct (in-store), white rosecut diamond ring, .55ct black lacy diamond ring 1.71ct.
Gabriella Kiss 18k gold and gemstone pendant necklaces. Dendritic agate necklace , ceylon moonstone lens necklace and crystal quartz lens necklace.
Assorted Gabriella Kiss 18k gold and gemstone rings. Green tourmaline oval, antique fancy yellow diamond marquis (in-store), diamond shaped emerald, large oval spessartite garnet,  rectangular emerald, pear shaped chyrsophase, oval star sapphire (in-store), pear shaped peridot and diamond shaped garnet rings.
Gabriella Kiss 18k gold love token rings and one-of-a-kind etched quartz prism earrings. Small "Invigilare" eye ring, large "Nil Nisi Cruse" eye with tear ring, large hand "Amicitia" ring, Rutilated quartz etched fish prism earrings.
Gabriella Kiss 18k gold and assorted gemstone earrings. Amethyst peaches (in-store), carnelian oval, etched rutilated quartz, turquoise oval, lemon quartz pillow earrings, smokey topaz over mother of pearl teardrop earrings.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Metier's Jewelry Gift Guide

Here's our Gift Guide with links to jewelry for the lucky loved ones on your list. Or treat yourself to a little something sparkly. We offer beautiful gift wrap and free shipping within the continental US.

If you're local, our jewelbox has even more to choose from along with festive cheer and hot cider. You can find our holiday hours here. Happy, happy, merry, merry! 

xo Metier

Art Nouveau 18k Enameled Pendant w/ Lady's Profile & Tiny Diamonds
Victorian Blue Enamel Gold and Pearl Locket
Antique Victorian 10k Rose Gold Heart Locket with Diamond
Antique 14k Yellow Gold Square Locket with European Diamond

All earrings and studs online. 

B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Three Prong Black Diamond Stud Earrings
Gabriella Kiss 18k Fly Earrings
Kathleen Whitaker 14k Long Stick Stud Earring
B.C.E. Jewelry 14k Triangle Cut 3.5mm White Diamond Earrings

Antique Bracelets
Victorian Wide Buckle Motif 15k Gold Bangle Bracelet
Gabriella Kiss Silver Hand Earrings 
Gabriella Kiss Sterling Silver "Canova" Hand with Vermeil Plum Pin
Victorian Etched Silver Button Cuff Bracelet

Gillian Conroy 18k Green Tourmaline Faceted Drop Earrings
Victorian 15k Yellow Gold & Malachite Earrings
Gabriella Kiss 18k Gold Turquoise Scalloped Prong Earrings

Marla Aaron Chains & Locks

Antique 18k Gold Knot Ring
Marla Aaron 14k Yellow Gold Baby Lock
Marla Aaron 14k Medium Stoned Lock with Pave Blue Sapphires
Arielle de Pinto Split Tennis Bracelet in Silver & Gold

Friday, December 2, 2016

Antique Trunk Show

Art Deco Phillip Klein 14k white gold, large citrine & enamel ring.

From left to right: Victorian 14k black onyx & seed pearl pendant, Victorian rose gold navette pendant featuring woman & birds, Victorian onyx & rose gold cross, Victorian 10k rose gold channeled cross, Georgian rose gold navette pendant featuring proposal scene, 1920's 9k shield pendant. All linked with a Georgian 14k gold heavily engraved split ring and suspended from an Art Nouveau filigree chain.
From left to right: Victorian pavé turquoise dome ring, Victorian hammer set turquoise cabochon ring, Victorian 14k sapphire & European cut diamond ring, Deco pavé diamond platinum & 18k square ring, Victorian pavé turquoise dome ring, Edwardian diamond & platinum engagement ring, Victorian diamond & turquoise 14k eye ring.

Victorian 14k gold fringe drop earrings.

Photos: Rebecca Marie Goldchmidt

Thursday, November 17, 2016

fall beauty no.3

Antique Victorian Wide Buckle Motif Bangle Bracelet
Gabriella Kiss 18k Diamond Shaped Small Emerald Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Dark Blue Star Sapphire Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Brushed 3mm Band, Gabriella Kiss 18k Gold Oval Faceted Tourmaline Ring, Variance Objects Rosecut Grey Diamond Ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k 1.31ct Brown Slab Diamond Ring (index).
Antique Turquoise Dome Ring (index),  Louison Fine 14k Eternal Snake Ring with Ruby Eyes (middle),  Antique Victorian Turquoise & Diamond Half Hoop Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye with Tear Ring Inscribed with "Nil Nisi Cruce", Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Pear Black Diamond Ring (ring finger).
Variance Objects Double Drop Citrine Earrings
Gabriella Kiss 14k and Bronze Single Clipper Ship Earring with Sapphires

Photography by Rebecca Goldschmidt. Model, Katie Chavez. 
Closed sweater available at The Podolls and vintage YSL knit trousers available at Ver Unica.

Shop New And Save The Dates

Fall Stories
New Fall jewelry arrivals are gracing our cases in-shop and online now.

Holiday Trunk Show, Save the Dates
Saturday, December 3rd, 12-6 pm.
Sunday, December 4th, 12-5 pm. 

We'll have the jewel box brimming with covetable and collectable antique treasures gathered from all over the world for this highly anticipated event. 
Hope to see you there! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

fall beauty no.2

Antique Italian Coral Link Bracelet in-store, Antique Victorian 14k Bangle Bracelet with Rosecut Diamond Rope Motif, Antique Belle Époque Platinum and Diamond Bracelet in-store, Antique Retro 18k Tank Bracelet in-store
Gabriella Kiss 18k 2.05ct Charcoal Teardrop Diamond Earrings

Antique Italian Coral Link Bracelet in-store, Antique Victorian 14k Bangle Bracelet with Rosecut Diamond and Rope Motif, Antique Belle Époque Platinum and Diamond Bracelet in-store, Antique Retro 18k Tank Bracelet in-store.

Alternating Kathleen Whitaker Gold Tube Bands and Gillian Conroy Celeste Diamond Bands (ring finger), B.C.E. Jewelry One-of-a-Kind 14k Variscite and Diamond Ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k Large Oval Pyrite Ring (index) in-store
Antique Georgian Miniature Portrait w/ Painted Glass & Gold Frame in-store
Antique Gold Large Picture Agate and Ruby Ring (index) in-store, Variance Objects Baguette and Round Diamond Band (middle), Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Pear Black Diamond Ring,  Gillian Conroy 18k Slim Tapered Diamond Band Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Brushed 5mm Band, Victorian 14k Rose Gold Chalcedony (ring finger) and Carnelian Intaglio Ring (little finger) in-store

  Photography by Rebecca Goldschmidt. Model, Katie Chavez. Rust wrap dress available at Ver Unica.

Metier Muse: Jess Ng

Jess Ng is a quintessential Metier girl. Always one to both bend and embrace traditions, here she is in her beautiful embroidered Chinese wedding dress paired with a stunning mix of jewelry, including her lovely Georgian diamond engagement ring from Metier. 
And be sure to check out Reorient, Jess’s line of hand-blended luxury elixirs for the skin. Based on centuries-old philosophies from the East, Reorient is a small haven of wellness rituals that seek to pamper and nourish. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Beauty No.1

Soft sweaters, rich-hued stones and autumn leaves define Fall here at Metier. Lovely layered rings and necklaces abound, adding subtle sparkle to cozy knits. Loads of pretty new gems and one-of-a-kind pieces fill our cases. Check out the Fall pictures below for more details and drop by our jewel box in Hayes Valley or visit our online shop

Gabriella Kiss 18k gold,  crystal lens and dendritic agate necklaces.
Gabriella Kiss 18k "Omnia Vincit Amor" band ring (little finger), Gabriella Kiss 18k and moonstone marquis ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k ruby teardrop ring, Rebecca Overmann 14k red diamond teardrop ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k and diamond-shaped garnet ring and Rebecca Overmann 14k sienna diamond ring (ring finger).

Friday, September 16, 2016

Brimfield Travel Diary

We just returned from our annual road trip to the infamous Brimfield Antique Flea Market. This year we stayed at the lovely Old Sturbridge Inn, with hand-painted landscape walls by Rufus Porter (1830's) and a huge canopy bed. We lined up early and dashed in to see all our most favored dealers, searching for lover's eyes, intaglios, silvery old diamonds, portrait nudes and objets d'art amongst the endless rows of treasures and trinkets.

Fueled by fresh lime rickeys, Faddy's apple cider donuts & Italian sausages, we combed the fields and came back with pockets full of prized finds. Here's our travel snaps and a peek at our favorites. Stop by the shop to see all the new beauties in person!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Objects of Desire

Art Nouveau 18k Hand-painted Enameled Pendant with Lady's Profile & Tiny Diamond Details
Finely painted enamel highlights - this beauty's wavy hair, creamy blush and - quite risqué for the time period - bare décolletage . Her hair is accented with a diamond moon and crown, and she is wearing a diamond necklace - a fantastic feature of jewelry wearing jewelry. A velvety black background strikes romantic contrast. This is one of the loveliest pendants we have had in the shop and a true collector's piece.

Stunning, hand oxidized gold vermeil chain is woven to form fluid draped drops. 
Platinum, White Gold and Diamond Rings, Old & New
Gabriella Kiss "? !"Engraved Smoky Topaz Earrings (in-store) and available online with a bow and arrow motif.

Georgian Beauties
Spectacular French "Bague au Firmament “ or "ring of heaven". Celestial allusion jewelry was very au courant in France in the late 1700's. Popularized by the lovely Marie Antoinette who frequently wore a "Bague au Firmament" ring and was one of the most followed trend setters of the day. The dark blue vitreous enamel with diamond “stars" evokes the night sky. The navette or marquis shape of the ring is highlighted by a zig zag border of etched rose gold and is protected by a gently curved rock crystal face with a frame of mine cut diamonds.
Striking French Grissaile Portrait Ring. The portrait features a simple blue and white enamel border and is set behind a smooth rock crystal lens. She has blues eyes and a subtle blush to the lips and cheek. We adore the slightly austere look of the grey tones painting and elegant profile of this mysterious lady. c. 1780”s.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Bright Side

We’re welcoming summer sunshine with good vibes and vibrant jewels. Think bold turquoise, pearlescent opals, gleaming diamonds, and statement gems aplenty. Chain, rope, and buckle details are catching our attention too. As always, layering speaks volumes, be it a triple bracelet pile-up or thoughtfully stacked rings decorating every finger on the hand. There’s beauty to be found in bold and delicate touches alike. Read on for some visual inspiration from our latest shoot. 

Hand (left to right): Gabriella Kiss Eye with Tear Ring, Gabriella Kiss Spessartite Garnet Ring, B.C.E. Varascite and Diamond Ring, Gabriella Kiss Moonstone Ring, Antique Diamond Cluster Ring, Antique Belcher Set Diamond Ring
Wrist (left to right): Antique Rope Bangle, Antique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Buckle Bangle
Clutch: Shawn Burke Suede Clutch

Wrist (left to right): Antique Buckle BangleAntique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Rope Bangle

Hand (left to right): Antique Diamond Snake Ring, Gabriella Kiss Inscribed Band Ring, Antique Triple Garnet and Diamond Ring (sold), Antique Coral Ring (sold)