Thursday, October 27, 2016

fall beauty no.2

Antique Italian Coral Link Bracelet in-store, Antique Victorian 14k Bangle Bracelet with Rosecut Diamond Rope Motif, Antique Belle Époque Platinum and Diamond Bracelet in-store, Antique Retro 18k Tank Bracelet in-store
Gabriella Kiss 18k 2.05ct Charcoal Teardrop Diamond Earrings

Antique Italian Coral Link Bracelet in-store, Antique Victorian 14k Bangle Bracelet with Rosecut Diamond and Rope Motif, Antique Belle Époque Platinum and Diamond Bracelet in-store, Antique Retro 18k Tank Bracelet in-store.

Alternating Kathleen Whitaker Gold Tube Bands and Gillian Conroy Celeste Diamond Bands (ring finger), B.C.E. Jewelry One-of-a-Kind 14k Variscite and Diamond Ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k Large Oval Pyrite Ring (index) in-store
Antique Georgian Miniature Portrait w/ Painted Glass & Gold Frame in-store
Antique Gold Large Picture Agate and Ruby Ring (index) in-store, Variance Objects Baguette and Round Diamond Band (middle), Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Pear Black Diamond Ring,  Gillian Conroy 18k Slim Tapered Diamond Band Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Brushed 5mm Band, Victorian 14k Rose Gold Chalcedony (ring finger) and Carnelian Intaglio Ring (little finger) in-store

  Photography by Rebecca Goldschmidt. Model, Katie Chavez. Rust wrap dress available at Ver Unica.

Metier Muse: Jess Ng

Jess Ng is a quintessential Metier girl. Always one to both bend and embrace traditions, here she is in her beautiful embroidered Chinese wedding dress paired with a stunning mix of jewelry, including her lovely Georgian diamond engagement ring from Metier. 
And be sure to check out Reorient, Jess’s line of hand-blended luxury elixirs for the skin. Based on centuries-old philosophies from the East, Reorient is a small haven of wellness rituals that seek to pamper and nourish. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Beauty No.1

Soft sweaters, rich-hued stones and autumn leaves define Fall here at Metier. Lovely layered rings and necklaces abound, adding subtle sparkle to cozy knits. Loads of pretty new gems and one-of-a-kind pieces fill our cases. Check out the Fall pictures below for more details and drop by our jewel box in Hayes Valley or visit our online shop

Gabriella Kiss 18k gold,  crystal lens and dendritic agate necklaces.
Gabriella Kiss 18k "Omnia Vincit Amor" band ring (little finger), Gabriella Kiss 18k and moonstone marquis ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k ruby teardrop ring, Rebecca Overmann 14k red diamond teardrop ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k and diamond-shaped garnet ring and Rebecca Overmann 14k sienna diamond ring (ring finger).