Thursday, May 26, 2016

Love Story

Metier is all about commitment. We love helping couples find jewelry that symbolizes their relationships and relates to who they are. We understand that, more often than not, several rings need to be tried on before the right one(s) calls out. Thankfully, the lines of tradition have been blurred leaving modern day ring-seekers with a bevy of choices. From contemporary rings with opulently colored stones to detailed antiques with a sense of history, the only rule we encourage is to search for jewelry that truly speaks to you. Whatever the case, we’re always excited to lend our time and expertise. Read on for some of our current knot tie-ing favorites for the commitment bound.

Rebecca Overmann Bangles and 14k Long Leaf Earrings
Throughout history, a ring as a never-ending circle, symbolized eternity and the everlasting love between a two people. The open space inside the circle was considered to be a gateway or a door; leading to things and events, known and unknown, that as a couple you would experience together. Rings were made from noble metals—gold, silver, platinum—to symbolize the steadfastness of the relationship. To give a ring signified deep love and a union of the hearts. 

Rebecca Overmann 14k Gold Rings: White Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, Tapered Peach Diamond Band, Grey Cushion Cut Diamond Ring,  Champagne Diamond Pear Rosecut Ring, Red Rosecut Pear Shape Diamond Ring
Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Oval White Diamond Ring .50ct, Rebecca Overmann 14k Diamond V Band, Rebecca Overmann Twisted Gold Band
Victorian 10k Puffy Pearl Heart Pendant on fine gold chain
(left) Men's Bands: Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Narrow Rounded Band, Gabriella Kiss 18k Men's Band Inscribed with "Omnia Vincit Amor" which also comes in smaller sizes here, Rebecca Overmann Men's Knife Edge 14k Band Ring, Antique 14k Men's 1930's Classic Wedding Band, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Men's Hammered Band.
(right) Victorian 14k Diamond Cluster Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k I Am Love Eternity Diamond Band
Antique Georgian Revival Platinum and Diamond Earrings
(index finger) Gillian Conroy 18k White Diamond Tapered Band, (ring finger) Gillian Conroy 18k Flat Narrow Band, Gillian Conroy 18k I Am Love Eternity Diamond Band, Rebecca Overmann 14k Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, (middle finger) Early Victorian 9k Pearl Half Hoop Ring, (at right) Rebecca Overmann 14k Rosecut Trillion Diamond Ring, Rebecca Overmann 14k Diamond V Band
Antique Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Dinner Ring, Art Deco Target Ring (sold), Various Antique Eternity Bands
 Antique Platinum and Rose Gold Watch Chain with Swivel, Georgian Diamond Pendant /Pin, Rebecca Overmann Men's White Gold Stream Band Ring, Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Flat Edged Wedding Band, Rebecca Overmann Men's White Gold Hammered Band, Gillian Conroy Men's 14k Rounded White Gold Wedding Band

Photography: Rebecca Goldschmidt,  Kara Brodgesell Model: Frances Tomei Hair & Makeup: Shawn Burke

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